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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Getting Prepared...POAS

At this stage I had been to the hospital for some stern words about relaxing and taking folic acid but Thailand hadn't really helped me to prepare for anything or given me any real advice of "how to" get pregnant.

So I started to download app after app, full of calendars, hints, tips, recipes, positions, recommendations and statistics and this is where I learnt about Ovulation Tests. It became apparent that one could only get pregnant on a very small handful of days each month and as I didn't have any time to waste I couldn't afford to be second guessing this. I'd spent most of my life thinking that if I missed a bus there was always another one coming along in 5 mins, but I couldn't afford to be so lackadaisical about my dwindling egg supplies...this planning shit had to get real.

If you are TTC then you may already be well ahead of me here, but I once again found myself in a quandary...where could I get Ovulation Tests in Bangkok that I could trust? Given that the pharmaceutical industry here is about as trustworthy and genuine as buying a Mulberry handbag in MBK, I once again headed back to Boots to attempt to buy a brand of Ovulation Test that may be sophisticated enough to tell this old hen when she was laying an egg.

Firstly, it doesn't seem to matter how you pronounce the word "Ovulation" you will find yourself in an awkward and rather public display of pointing, shoulder hunching, graphic gesticulation and embarrasment. 

"Ov..u..lay..tion test ka?"
"Ov..ooo..ay...tion test ka?" 
"O..woo..ay..tion test ka?" ahhhh yes ka "o..woo..ay..tion test, chai ka, have ka". 
Success, at least for a brief moment.

The box they produce from behind the counter looks about as sophisticated as a toddlers doodle pad. It was called 'Baby Sure', was made in Thailand and gave me absolutely no comfort that this would be able to tell me anything more about my eggs than if I was using a divining rod to find them. But there were some English instructions on the back the box and it was the only option they had so I decided to persevere and POATS (Pee on a 'Thai' stick) and hope for the best.

As it happened they are easier to use and understand than a Boots UK branded ovulation test, which was a huge surprise to me, and I'll be honest that I think they are actually better. They have now guided me through many months of egg production, with a few successes, and by comparison my UK sticks just cause me more confusion than certainty whenever I use them.

But are there any other options in Thailand? A friend swears by another, very cheap, Thai Brand called "Check Tru". These are strip style, also contain a pregnancy test, and are about one third of the cost. 
After another false start last month, and our third miscarriage, I have decided to try "Check Tru" for my next ovulation cycle. I plan to test it along with "Baby Sure" and I'll let you know a pee by pee comparison, but for now here is a summary of the only two tests I am aware of in Thailand.

Ovulation Tests
Pregnancy Tests
Sensitivity of Pregnancy Test
Check Tru
Ovulation and Pregnancy
Baby Sure

Both brands seem to be readily available. "Baby Sure" seems to be the mainstream (excuse the pun) test available in larger outlets like Boots and pharmacies in Central etc, whilst "Check Tru"is available in places more frequented by Thai's, smaller more local pharmacies.
You may find on occasions that pharmacies have run out of tests, but do not despair, there will always be one available in a pharmacy you can get to, just keep asking, persevering and remembering that "v's" are pronounced as "w's" and don't get too embarrassed when you realise you have started shouting the word "owoolation" to the pharmacist.

Happy POASing

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