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Costs in Thailand

This page is a work in progress and charts the breakdown of various services, tests, facilities and medication we have used over the last 24 months.

In no way is this a suggestion or recommendation for any of the services, tests, facilities or medication listed below.

Hold on to your hats...it's a money making business and my advice is to get savvy and ask what each procedure, medication and itemised line on your bill is for.


For a comparison of Labour Packages click here

Bumrungrad - Real Life Estimate:
To give you a very rough guide I can tell you that if you have a 'standard' pregnancy you can assume each visit to Bumrungrad (pre labour package) will cost you between THB6,000 and THB10,000. Assume that you may have up to 13 routine visits to see your Ob/Gyn whilst pregnant (pre labour package), so for Bumrungrad you should budget for THB78,000 to THB130,000 plus Labour Package.
In total - a fairly routine and standard pregnancy with labour, in Bumrungrad, could cost you in the region of THB160,000 to THB 270,000 (depending on the number of prenatal appointments and method of birthing)

We have had some complications along the way and many additional tests and procedures (as you will know if you have read more about our journey on this blog) which have been on top of the standard charges. But the below is a fully transparent list of the cost of additional services, tests, facilities and medications we have experienced, including many (in fact most) that you are likely to discuss with your Ob/Gyn. Some of these costs are charged every time, others just for particular visits or particular Dr fee's.



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