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Work With Me

I would love to advertise relevant merchandise and services that are available in Thailand.

Contact me if you would like to appear on my blog, suggestions include:

Product review - let me try out your product and I will write about it
Guest blogging - got something to say? I'm happy to share guest bloggers articles
Giveaways - want to launch a product with some giveaways, I'm happy to help with my blog, twitter and Instagram followers
Sponsored posts - want to post and advertise, lets talk about options
Advertising - lets talk about options
Restaurant reviews - I'm always happy to blog about good food if you want me to test out your produce
Hotel and Holiday reviews - a no brainer - want me to try something out and blog about it, hell yes please!

Hoping to help as many people as possible, in as many ways as possible.

Get in contact if you have an idea for collaboration!


  1. Hi there - was trying to get in touch but couldn't find an e-mail. Can you please let me know how to best contact you? I'm reachable at firstname.lastname@gmail.com - replace with actual name of course :).

  2. Hi Karsten, thanks for the message and love your blog. Have emailed you with my contact details. Look forward to hearing from you.