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Sunday, 6 May 2018

OMG we have a mini human.....School Fees in Bangkok

Before I begin I have an admission to make. I am no longer living in Bangkok, in fact we don't even live in Thailand at the moment. My husband got a great job offer in Singapore and so I find myself back on The Little Red Dot. If you have a yearning to follow what I get up to there then you can come and find me, my musings and helpful hints and tips at The Little Red Boob.

Ok, back to the purpose of today's musings and general nosiness.

Before we found out we were leaving Thailand I had started my research regarding Schools, because quite frankly it is a minefield of opinions, reviews, recommendations, pros, cons, curriculums and information overload. As I still have baby brain I needed some lead time on this!

I hit the jackpot when a friend passed me a spreadsheet that basically had all the info I needed to get started...bingo!

So here is the BabyBlueInBangkok School Guide (information was deemed correct at August 2017):

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