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Friday, 21 April 2017

Knocked up.....Now What? Private Antenatal Classes in Bangkok

Hallelujah, Bangkok has some very special people, finding them can be difficult but once you do hold on to them tight!

Rasee Govindani is a Birth Doula in Bangkok and also specialises in Child Birth Education classes.

Knocked up.....Now What? Hospital Antenatal Classes in Bangkok

My 'offline' pregnancy bible throughout this journey has been the book by Lesley Regan called "your Pregnancy week by week", it has been my friend and confidant on many nights ...

As I hit the Third Trimester section Lesley writes "you will probably be starting your antenatal classes now - most hospital-run classes have start dates every four weeks and recommend women start their course between 30 and 32 weeks".

Panic! Where do I find Antenatal classes, in English, in Bangkok???