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Friday, 21 April 2017

Knocked up.....Now What? Private Antenatal Classes in Bangkok

Hallelujah, Bangkok has some very special people, finding them can be difficult but once you do hold on to them tight!

Rasee Govindani is a Birth Doula in Bangkok and also specialises in Child Birth Education classes.

She has worked at Bumrungrad hospital, in fact she used to translate many of the documents and also hold the english antenatal classes there, but now carries out her work privately.

It seems wrong to steal Rasee's thunder and disclose too much about her classes and the things you will learn, but needless to say that you will learn what you need to (unlike the hospital classes I attended) and you will have fun with it.

She will prepare you, and your partner, for the practicalities of child birth (whichever way you deliver your baby) she will discuss the emotions you should prepare for, the honest truth of what it can be like in Bangkok hospitals and how to navigate your way through all of this to achieve the child birth experience you are hoping for.

If you, or your partner, are worried that she will be an earth mother that will have you all rolling around on balls and chanting with big deep breaths...she won't! She's practical to a fault, giving it to you in "real" terms.

You can play with a model baby and practice putting a nappy on if you want to, but Rasee knows that bit will come naturally (after a few leaks!), what she aims to do is send you off with realistic expectations of child birth in general and the system in Bangkok, what you can expect and what you probably weren't expecting, the things that the Doctors will agree to and the things they almost certainly won't.

You'll laugh, maybe cry a little, eat gorgeous cup cakes and some healthy stuff too, hopefully make a friend or two and walk away feeling considerably more ready to welcome your baby into the world and to Thailand.

You can contact Rasee on her website at Contact Doula Rasee and via Facebook