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Sunday, 19 November 2017

How to get the birthing experience you want (in Bangkok)

I haven't been able to find much time to start writing again, but then I realised that life simply isn't going to give me a few spare hours a day anymore, pa ha ha. So I've promised myself that I will focus on short (and hopefully sweet) posts for a little while. Hope you like them and find them useful...

Here are my top five tips on how to get the birthing experience you want. This is from my experience at Bumrungrad earlier this year.

Ensure you have discussed your wishes with your Doctor
Emergencies happen,
and its important to listen to the professionals when they do,
but at the very least your Doctor should know your basic wishes
before you get into the labour room

Use your partner to be your voice
(they listen to dads more)

Hire a Doula
She will empower you to have a voice when it matters most to you
Article: Doulas - a friend in an hour of need
Article: Doulas Do More

Attend an Antenatal Class

Politely insist on anything and everything you want
You will ultimately get it if you stick to your guns

We insisted on skin to skin, which admittedly was more of a long awkward cuddle but we got some ✅

We insisted that dad went with bubba to the nursery for her basic checks, and that it was as quick as possible ✅ (they had her back to me before I’d even left the labour room) 

We insisted that bubba came back to me for her eye drops and vitamin k injection ✅ (as above, this was done in the labour room) 

We insisted that she stayed with us ✅ (in fact she stayed with us so much that they almost forgot to do her hearing test and BCG) 

We insisted that I was with her for her hearing test and BCG ✅ (we threatened to not pay if they didn’t allow me to have physical contact with her for her BCG)

So, other than a very quick trip to the nursery with dad, I was with her for everything. We had to be politely forceful, but it’s your child, and no one should/can dictate to you.

You've got this mama!


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