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Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Club (A note about The Mummy Club Bangkok)

The Mummy Club Bangkok has become synonymous with being an expat mum in Thailand. 

It's boundless resources and quick fire responses cannot be matched on any other Facebook Group or Webpage in Thailand.

But it does have one fatal flaw....administrators sometimes rule with an iron fist and becoming a member in the first place can be fraught with emotional hurdles.

The Mummy Club admin team pride themselves, quite rightly, in running a closed group, a safe environment for mums to seek support, information and resources without worrying about judgement, trolling, cruising or solicitation. But in so doing they have a simple, seemingly innocuous, rule that can inadvertently cause much heartache....you have to be a mum before you can join.

They claim to be open to "mums-to-be" but in reality it can be hard to get accepted as a member unless your profile picture contains a bouncing baby or tumbling toddler.

I fell foul to this strict approach by admin and was upset to be initially refused membership, despite being 26 weeks pregnant (our fourth, final and successful pregnancy).

With hindsight I can see that the job of policing and protecting this 'haven for mums' is not an easy task, so here is my quick guide to getting yourself onto The Mummy Club before your bundle of joy arrives, and without any unnecessary tears or tantrums.

All approaches to join The Mummy Club should include:
  • Confirmation that you live in Thailand
  • Motherhood status - TTC, pregnant, mum to x children etc
  • If you know other people that belong to the group it is worth name dropping them
  • Details of other relevant groups in Bangkok that you belong to can also help, especially if you are TTC. For example IVF Bangkok Support and BAMBI. This is to show that your TTC status is real, and not a hoax to get onto the group

There are two ways to join:

(1) If you have a friend on The Mummy Club get them to add you, including all of the details as above

(2) If you do not have a friend on The Mummy Club then send them a detailed note on their FB messenger link, including all of the details as above

If all else fails and you still cannot obtain membership, feel free to message me and I will try to investigate further on your behalf. Whilst it should not be an excuse, the admin team are all busy mums themselves, and they often get overwhelmed with the amount of work that such a great support group can generate.

One last thing I will leave with you. It's an amazing resource, but think about when is the right time to join for you. Whilst you are TTC might not be the right time, after all it is full of questions about newborn babies, toddlers, schools, paediatricians etc. Later in your pregnancy, when you may wish to pull of the resources and experience of other mums is probably the most useful time.

Good luck mama-to-be, you will rock it no matter what!

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