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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Getting the right vitamins and minerals (keeping things flowing)

Am I the only one that thinks its hard to get a balanced diet of vegetables in Thailand?

Food here is sublime but when your baby bump has decided it can't stomach anything more spicy than Margaret Thatcher's nightie what do you do in Thailand for vitamins and fibre?

I have always struggled with constipation so right now my whole world is dedicated to finding ways to release the huge weight on my mind.

My doctor has given me the following dietary advice, for various reasons, and not all of them are helping to "ease my mind":

Eat less carbohydrates - for fear of gestational diabetes
Eat more protein - for the growth of the baby
Eat chicken liver - for more calcium
Eat 2 eggs a day - for more protein
Eat papaya - for constipation
Eat prunes - for constipation

To be honest my biggest challenges are cutting down on carbs (because I could live off toast and Marmite!) and avoiding constipation. So here are my top tips for getting a balanced diet in Thailand:

  • Fruit smoothies - there are stalls everywhere in Bangkok. I use a good one under the Interchange Building at Asok, but you can find them everywhere. Have at least once a day (with papaya in it!)
  • Prune juice - this is available but expensive. I try to remember to have a shot a day to help keep things moving. We have found it in Villa, Tops and Tesco.
  • Vegetables in general - I find it hard to get a good dose of vege's served with Thai food, and it can be impossible to get any variety, so unless you want a bowl of morning glory with oyster sauce here are my fav lunch venues for vege hits:
  1. Dressed - restaurants at Langsuan and Asok - here you can get great sized portions of freshly prepared salad or wraps with plenty of vege's and side orders of protein and additional health treats. My fav for lunch is a wrap with spinach, avocado, egg, sunflower seeds, red peppers and lime dressing.
  2. Gourmet Market salad bars
  3. At a push I head to Subway for a "veggie delight"
Other food tips:
  • Red meat fix, but without having half a cow on my plate - I head to Pepper Lunch. Warning as I think this place could be addictive. The hotplates cook your food in front of you which consists of rice, your chosen meat, sweetcorn and an egg if you choose. Mix it up whilst its sizzling and hey presto....and it tastes sooo good!
  • Fish - if you're not a huge fan of eating from a terrine with a fish eye staring back at you, and are craving a salmon fillet like I often am, head to Sam Yan wet market where the produce is amazingly fresh. I often quickly sear mine with a mix of soy, mirin, rice wine (or any other marinade I can find) and they are ready in 5 mins. Yum!
  • Caffeine - its a little hit and miss whether serving staff will understand you if you ask for decaf coffee, but you can be guaranteed of a decaf brew in all Starbucks and Coffee Bean shops
  • Things to try to avoid, but its hard - I am trying to avoid MK restaurant Suki because I am convinced it has MSG, but it tastes so good

I'll keep updating this as I find new places and ways to try to stay healthy and "free from heavy burden" living in Bangkok.

Hope it helps

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