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Friday, 25 November 2016

Where to buy fresh veg in Bangkok

This is todays haul from Sam Yan market!

Where is Sam Yan Market?

Take an MRT to Sam Yan station and its an easy walk from there - its opposite the entrance to Chulalongkorn University Stadium.

When to go?
Go in the morning for all of the best and freshest of produce (between 8.30 and 10.00 is best).
Its busier and bigger on Saturday's, but any other day is still good for food shopping.

What to buy?
We buy most things from Sam Yan including:

Vegetables (choice of stalls)
Fruit (choice of stalls)
Eggs (a couple of stalls)
Dried produce (a choice of stalls)
Fresh fish and shellfish (a choice of stalls)
Pork (a choice of stalls)
Chicken (there is only 1 stall for this)
Beef (there is only 1 stall for this)
Sweet treats (watch them made in front of your eyes)

Is it fresh?
The first thing that will strike you is that the market is actually quite cool. It isn't air conditioned, but due to it being a covered market and with fans it is perfectly pleasant to walk around.

It may feel brave the first time you buy meat from a stall without refrigeration, but this market is so clean, with hardly any flies, and no dogs and cats walking around. We trust it impeccably now and believe its probably better than buying meat from the supermarkets where it may have been on the shelves for a few days.

Fish and shell fish is kept on ice and they will pack carrier bags with paper and ice for you.

We try to remember to take a cool bag with us, but if you are heading straight home I wouldn't worry too much.

Pricing is seasonal but as a guide in November (included in the photo above):


Pineapple - THB70
Papaya - THB60
Dragon Fruit - THB50
Avocado - THB80 
Veges: - all of the below for THB350

4 large carrots
3 large onions
2 peppers
1 small pumpkin
bag of chestnut mushrooms
large punnet of vine cherry tomatoes
5 limes
bunch of coriander 
Meat and dairy:

1kg pork mince - THB120
10 medium eggs - THB48
Anything else worth seeing in the area?

  • I'm Park - food mall - head to the basement to find an amazing little shop selling outlet designer goods for amazing bargains
  • RYCE Gourmet Onigiri - snack bar
  • Creamery Boutique Ice Cream shop

See my Google map of Bangkok for more ideas and directions

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