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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Price Comparison - Feeding Bottles

I’m an excel spreadsheet freak, and since giving up my corporate job I 'excel' everything possible in my life to make me feel like I’m organized. Of course, this does not come close to making me an organised person but it lulls me into a false sense of calm.

Last week’s obsession, and excuse for an excel spreadsheet, was comparing the cost of feeding equipment (Thailand versus any cost savings I could find in the UK - we have a trip home planned and I need to know how much space to leave in my luggage for baby purchases!).
I know that bottles are more of a fluid thing to purchase (excuse the pun) and knowing my luck we will have a baby that refuses the bottles I have bought, has colic and poses me all manner of feeding complications, but I knew that starting with a basic idea of a bottle brand in mind would help me make decisions on sterilizers and pumps (where the real money can be saved if purchasing back home).

I have settled on, initially, setting myself up with Philips Avent Natural, mainly because it is readily available in Bangkok and because they have a good microwave sterilizer (whilst I have not found the microwave steriliser in Bangkok, yet). Despite the price comparison below showing Philips Avent as one of the more expensive brands here I am confident that I saved us over GBP100 by purchasing the steriliser, manual breast bump and bottle starter kit in the UK, and at least I am confident that I can purchase any additional bottles and teats from any of the major stores.

Detailed price comparison table (of stores in Bangkok) is below but here are my conclusions:
  • Natur is the cheapest bottles I can find
  • Can get some good priced Pigeon products in Tesco and Tops
  • Philips Avent appear to be the most widely available international brand in Bangkok
  • Philips Avent Natural are more readily available in Bangkok than Classic
  • Can also get Tommee Tippee but stocks did not seem so prevalent as Philips Avent
  • The Innosense range from Mothercare is available in other stores and seems reasonable value for Bangkok
  • Dr Browns is available but limited, as are other brands

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